Craig Ulmer

MCM Packaging Constraints in System Design

1996-04-01 pub

During my master degree I did predictive modeling and simulation for Georgia Tech's Packaging Research Center (PRC). For this work we combined several EE models for circuits and packages to estimate when it would make sense to use multi-chip module (MCM) packaging instead of building large monolithic dies. In this paper we made the case for considering packaging choices early on in the design process so that designers could make better choices.


Computer system design addresses the optimization of metrics such as cost, performance, power, and reliability in the presence of physical constraints. The advent of large area, low cost Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) will lead to a new class of optimal system designs. This paper explores the early analysis of the impact of packaging technology on this design process. Our goal is to develop a suite of tools to evaluate computing system architectures under the constraints of various technologies. The design of the memory hierarchy in high speed microprocessors is used to explore the nature and type of trade-offs that can be made during the conceptual design of computing systems


  • EDTC Paper Vivek Garg, Steve Lacy, David Schimmel, Darrell Stogner, Craig Ulmer, D. Scott Wills, and Sudhakar Yalamanchili, "Incorporating Multi-Chip Module Packaging Constraints into System Design", European Design and Test Conference, 1996.