Craig Ulmer


2013-02-15 data medical viz

After a few days of fiddling with VTK's DICOM reader, I decided it'd be easier to just ask David Thompson (now at Kitware) what he would do, since he's the smartest viz guy I know. Since it's CT data, he pointed me at Slicer, a great viz tool that's specifically designed to look at medical datasets. It was pretty straightforward to get up and running and parsed my data no problem. After a few tutorials, I found the ray casting options I was needed to turn slice data into volumes. There you have it- my pelvis. I wonder if that hole on my right side is from that time Benjamin and I flew off that slide in Berkeley.

Fun. And kind of nasty at times (the misses got the giggles every time I set the threshold low and all my "bidness" came into view). I still haven't found the abscess the doctors noticed so easily, but I think I can now point out where that John's Charburger from the previous night was hanging out. I think they should install scanners like this in all airports, and then give people their data. Everybody wins.